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Providing personal care for a senior member of the family is a rewarding experience. Nonetheless, being a primary caregiver can sometimes seem overwhelming. In fact, family caregivers can get so wrapped up in their duties and responsibilities that they often neglect important aspects of their own lives. If you always feel fatigued and can't catch a moment for yourself, it may be time to consider respite care. After all, it is stressful being a sole provider. Chestnut Ridge Wallingford can provide your loved one with long or short-term respite care.

After a fall or medical event, coming home from the hospital is much easier if there is a caring professional there to help in the recovery or rehabilitation process. Should your loved one require addition personal care (or is unable to be effectively managed in a current home), Chestnut Ridge Wallingford offer resources to caregivers who find themselves out of their depth with the care of a family member. After a health episode, it is sometimes appropriate for individuals to come to a comfortable, home-like environment where they can receive enough help until they can go back on their own or resume living with their families.

Basic Respite Care Services at Chestnut Ridge

We can assist your family member with a variety of daily tasks, such as managing medications, or provide 24-hour care to aid in a quick recovery so that he or she can return to their home. Short-term respite care has a wide range of benefits. Some of the many perks of short-term respite care at Chestnut Ridge include:

  • Fully furnished suites with full bath and emergency response system
  • Trained staff available 24 hours a day
  • Occupational and physical therapy programs that tailor to the individual
  • Personal care such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and more
  • Three healthy, home-cooked meals per day, made from scratch with fresh ingredients
  • Medication reminders and help with mobility issues

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your loved one, so never hesitate to seek out help or advice. Respite care allows other family members to take care of themselves while the individual enjoys safe, nurturing environment.

The Resources You Need When You Need Them

Whether you are caring for a parent or sibling, being a family caregiver is always a rewarding but demanding role. For the best possible outcomes, you need to make certain you are also taking good care of yourself and looking after your personal well-being. When a loved one is the focus of your attention every day, it is difficult to spend time thinking about your own needs. Chestnut Ridge Wallingford can match your loved one with a care partner who will provide the same level of compassionate care in your absence.

Our on-site services, including physical and occupational therapy, are often of great value to individuals taking advantage of respite care services. We're here to give you the resources necessary to help you provide the best possible care for yourself and your loved one, whether you're investigating short-term or long-term care options. Some residents and families decide after an initial respite stay to make Chestnut Ridge home.


We are pleased when a respite care resident decides to age in place at Chestnut Ridge!

I have been living here for ten years. I just love it. I have made lots of friends. The whole staff is just so wonderful.

— Margaret T., Resident

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