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For residents with memory-based needs due to conditions, such as Alzheimer's or dementia, the Homestead floor of Chestnut Ridge Wallingford in Wallingford PA provides a secure environment with highly specialized care services. Our Alzheimer's & memory care programs empower seniors to stay active and engaged while living in a comfortable and secure community. Residents are able to engage with care partners and socialize every day. Our team is committed to helping them feel happy, fulfilled, safe and cared for.

What is Alzheimer's memory care?

Alzheimer's memory care provides specialized services to those suffering from all types of dementia (including Alzheimer's disease) in a secure senior living community. Residents may live in semi-private apartments or private rooms and have structured activities delivered by memory care partners specifically trained to work with the memory impairment. The members of our Alzheimer's memory care team understand the nature of the various types of the disease as well as how to nurture residents living with dementia.

Seniors with memory-based needs require individualized personal care. We have a simple yet significant mission: make sure each resident lives a meaningful, dignified and happy life. Our secure community provides all of the resources to ensure that residents are comfortable and engaged to the greatest extent possible. We believe our clinical expertise and knowledge of dementia coupled with compassionate care creates the best possible healthcare environment for your loved one with memory care needs.

Individualized Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Based on an individual's needs, our experienced memory care partners provide individualized personal care. Typical areas of support include:

  • Help with meals
  • Bathing & grooming
  • Dressing wardrobe
  • Medication management
  • Appointments for medical treatments
  • Cognitive memory-building exercises
  • Occupational, speech and physical therapy
  • Physical exercise and activity
  • Psychiatric support and treatment
  • Ongoing safety and security monitoring

Whether you are a spouse, son, daughter or friend of an individual diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia, your involvement in this distinct stage of life is necessary.

Is Senior Living in Memory Care Right for You?

As you ask questions and plan for the future, keep in mind that everyone is affected in a unique way. Throughout all conversations and discussions, we remain sensitive and kind. Our staff is committed to working with families to provide the best possible outcomes for seniors aging in place at Chestnut Ridge Wallingford in Wallingford, PA. As a benefit for both the resident and the family, a senior who moves into Alzheimer's & memory care community can live at this location whatever their healthcare needs are or become.

Are there changes in their capability of performing routine daily activities?

  • Walking or moving from place to place
  • Dressing
  • Toileting
  • Bathing and grooming
  • Eating and nutrition
  • Staying active and engaged

Are there changes in their behavior?

  • Lack of motivation or initiative
  • Failure to return your phone calls
  • Increasingly verbally or physically abusive
  • Cannot recall names of familiar people or objects
  • Consistent memory lapses or confusion
  • Frequently gets lost walking or driving
  • Frequently misplaces things
  • Loss of reasoning skills
  • Rapid mood swings or anger
  • Repeats stories during same conversation

Are there changes in their physical appearance?

  • Poor hygiene or sloppy appearance
  • Same clothing is worn over and over
  • Noticeable weight loss
  • Bruises or burns

Are there changes in the physical appearance of the home?

  • Unmaintained yard
  • Dirty interior of the home
  • Pots and pans with noticeable burn marks
  • Automobile dents and scratches
  • Unopened mail
  • Months of unpaid bills
  • Unfilled prescriptions
  • Low food supply
  • Smell of urine or other odors
  • Carpet stains caused by spilling things

As you plan for the future, here are some questions to think about during the early stages. Chestnut Ridge Wallingford in Wallingford allow seniors with memory issues to live in comfort and security, while no longer having to worry about preparing meals, taking care of the home, managing medications or providing for their own transportation. 

We are here to offer the memory & alzheimer's care in wallingford pennsylvania that you may need. Do not hesitate to ask us questions. We understand that placing a family member in a memory care facility or an Alzheimer's care facility is an important decision. 

We're here for your loved ones. And, we're here for you too!

I have been living here for ten years. I just love it. I have made lots of friends. The whole staff is just so wonderful.

— Margaret T., Resident

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