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How Do I Know My Loved One Needs Additional Care?

March 30, 2021

Making the decision for you or a loved one to move into a senior living community is not always a simple decision. At Chestnut Ridge Wallingford, we know how important it is to have all of the facts, and as much information as possible.

In addition to our comprehensive care quiz, we want to share some other additional information as you make this decision.


What is Personal Care?

At Chestnut Ridge Wallingford, our personal care services include:

  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), which includes assistance with personal hygiene.
  • Medication management
  • Personalized support
  • On-call, 24-hour care
  • Home-cooked meals 
  • Additional amenities such as a wellness center, classes and activities, and social and community engagement.


Making the Decision

Being a full-time caregiver for a loved one can be a challenging task. Still, the decision to move into a senior living community for personal care or dementia care is not one that many take lightly. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when making a decision.



  • Health


Consult with a trusted primary care provider (PCP) to discuss your options. If you or your loved one has chronic or worsening health conditions, frequent or recent falls, signs of cognitive decline, or difficulty managing medications, those are factors to bring up with your primary care physician. They will know your loved one best and can advise on what special considerations may be an ideal fit for your loved one. 



  • Daily Living


If you or your loved one is needing extra support with activities of daily living, such as cooking, cleaning, driving, grooming, or upkeep of a home or yard, residential personal could be an ideal solution. At Chestnut Ridge Wallingford, our team is skilled at managing our personal care and dementia care residents’ needs while always ensuring each resident’s dignity. 



  • Character and Energy


Change in character or energy is also something to consider. If you or your loved one is experiencing low energy, negative behaviors, isolation, or lack of community, these are all challenges that can be mitigated by the lifestyle at Chestnut Ridge Wallingford. 


Senior living provides a safe and nurturing environment for you or your loved one to thrive within. Of course, consult your primary care physician to ensure that there is not an underlying health condition that is the cause. 


When making the decision, be sure to talk to those close to you. If you are making the decision for yourself, talk with doctors, family, friends, and financial advisors to ensure that this is the best step for you. Discussing the options for senior living is an important conversation. If this is a decision you are making with a loved one, continue to keep open communication in discussing what is best for both of you. 


At Chestnut Ridge Wallingford, we are here to help you by answering any additional questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more. 

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