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The Benefits of an Assisted Living Community in the Winter

November 30, 2020

With the winter months ahead of us, Chestnut Ridge Wallingford is filled with opportunities for making the most of the colder months within our community. Our safety standards continue to be top... Read More 

Staying Connected with Seniors During COVID-19

November 6, 2020

Though in person visits are currently happening less frequently due to the COVID-19 pandemic, communication and connection with our loved ones do not have to suffer. Social interaction is a vital... Read More 

A Day Trip at Chestnut Ridge Wallingford

October 1, 2020

Our residents have the opportunity to take advantage of many activities. From cooking classes, art classes, movie nights, and daily socials, we provide a socially engaging community for our... Read More 

Home Is Where You Live Inspired

April 17, 2019

They say, “Home is where the heart is.”  For many people, their heart is inextricably linked to their home - understandably so. Here, at Chestnut Ridge Wallingford, we say,... Read More 

A Healthy Diet Helps You Gracefully Glide Into Your Golden Years

April 9, 2019

If we told you we had a recipe that could keep your body in good condition, ward off dementia, and leave your tastebuds satisfied, you'd probably grab your grocery list. Am I right? Well, grab a... Read More 

Engaging Seniors Connects, Catalyzes and Changes Lives

March 29, 2019

Many seniors fear that transitioning into a senior living community means losing touch with friends and loved ones. They have well-justified concerns of leaving behind the active lifestyle and... Read More 

Folks just want to have fun

November 29, 2017

We’ve all read too many articles and blog posts to count. So it’s refreshing to find something that offer alternative resources. Specifically, we’re excited about games. Best... Read More 

Six tips for a good conversation with your elderly parents

November 29, 2017

“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.” - Charlie Kaufman Providing care for elderly parents – whether it’s your full-time responsibility or... Read More 

What to expect at the beginning of Alzheimer's

November 29, 2017

Each person is affected by Alzheimer’s in a unique way. If you are just stepping into the role of caregiver for a loved one, breathe easy. We’re here to help on your journey. In the... Read More 

A long life of purpose

November 29, 2017

Our team works hard to provide a sense of community at the Chestnut Ridge Wallingford. We believe that community provides a sustained sense of purpose and better quality of life. After... Read More 


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