Hospice Relationships


Our hospice services provide physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to individuals suffering from a life threatening illness. Included in these services are pain and symptom management as well as support of patients and their families through end of life care. We continually strive to bring warmth and compassion to the lives we touch.

The philosophy behind our approach to hospice care extends to all residents, at every stage of life. When hospice care becomes necessary for residents with a terminal illness or late-stage Alzheimer’s, the experience can be crushing. To enhance quality of care and life, we strongly support patients’ and residents’ rights to make decisions about their care, including whether to accept or refuse life-prolonging measures and treatments.

The Residences at Chestnut Ridge works together with you and your family to provide support and information for proactive self-advocacy and care decisions. Through open and ongoing communication, we coordinate hospice care services upon request with trusted partners who come to us. That way, residents do not have to suffer disruption and can remain in the familiar surroundings of their Chestnut Ridge home.

If you or a family member in the Delaware County area are in need of hospice care, call 610- 447-0710 or visit the Residences at Chestnut Ridge to speak to one of our trained care partners about our services.